Back from Summer!

Hi everyone!

I’m back in Seattle after a long and busy summer. I graduated in June from the University of Washington and am now applying to dental school! But now that fall is just around the corner, I’m ready to get some great reviews and awesome giveaways started for you! Stay tuned and keep your eyes open starting in September :)

MiaTempo Subscription Box Review – Spring 2014


I had the opportunity to review MiaTempo back when they first launched their subscription service almost a year ago. I was delighted to have the opportunity to check out their service again and review a box for you!

MiaTempo has a wonderful philosophy behind their boxes. Their goal is to provide you with a complete spa experience to help you take a break from your busy life and take a little “me time.” They send only the best all-natural, organic products and believe in inspiring women to look and feel their best. This is a quarterly subscription and each box is themed to fit the current season.

Another fantastic aspect of MiaTempo that I really appreciate is that each quarter, MiaTempo partners with a new charity focused on empowering women, and donates a portion of its proceeds to the charity. For Spring, MiaTempo partnered with Dress for Success, an organization that helps promote financial independence for disadvantaged women. The organization provides women with professional attire as well as support and career tools to help them succeed.

Now that I’ve told you why the folks at MiaTempo are so wonderful…Let’s check out the box!


The box was big and heavy..always a good sign ;)


MiaTempo has such beautiful packaging. And everything was done perfectly, I have no doubt that a lot of time went into packing this box.

The Box: MiaTempo

The Cost: $49.95 per quarter


I love that each box comes with a treatment card. You literally have everything you need for a day of relaxation. I should also mention that all of the packaging including the cards are 100% recyclable.


EcoTools Dual Cleansing Pad

Value: $3.99

I love this pad! It has a pouf on one side and more of an exfoliator on the other. It’s also made from 100% recycled material.


Here’s the other side of the buffer. I love that it has a strap for your hand too, it makes it much easier to use.


EcoTools Spa Moisture Gloves

Value: $3.99

I was so excited to see these! i used to have a pair and I lost them. These help your hands retain moisture and allows them to soften after applying a nice hand cream.


100% Pure Honey Almond Hand Buttercream

Value: $8.00

This cream smells delicious and its nice and thick. For a daily hand cream, I prefer the texture not to be too thick, but for a spa treatment cream, this one is perfect.


Rinse Bath & Body Co Refreshing Spray in Lemongrass

Value: $10.95

This spray smells lovely. It’s vegan and completely natural and it can be used for almost anything. If your face needs a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, you can give it a spritz. You can also use this as a room spray to freshen your surroundings!


Rinse Bath & Body Co. Body Spread in Ginger Lemongrass

Value: $10.95

I really like this company so I was excited to have a variety from products from them in this box. Ginger is the perfect scent for spring and this body spread is awesome. Super moisturizing but I don’t feel greasy or sticky after I put it on.


Rinse Bath & Body Co Body Polish in Ginger Lemongrass

Value: $16.95

This works great when applied using the cleansing pad that also came in this box. It’s made from essential oils and is meant to hydrate while exfoliating.


Tea Forté Sampler Pack

Value: $5.00

This was such a nice touch and really made it clear that MiaTempo wanted to give me a true spa experience. I love Tea Forté’s packaging and their tea is quite tasty too :)

Verdict: What a beautifully crafted box! The retail value was a little over the cost of the box not including shipping costs. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing how important it is to take time for yourself to relax and recharge. MiaTempo let’s you do just that. This box would be a fantastic gift (last minute Mother’s Day gifts anyone?) for a friend or for yourself! I also appreciate that MiaTempo makes an effort to partner with great causes to support women all over the world!

Would you like to sign up for some “Me Time?” Click HERE!


Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Pore Refiner Review


I recently had the opportunity to try out Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Pore Refiner, and wanted to share my experience with you. I absolutely love their Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant so I was interested to see what I would think of this product.


The Product: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner

The Cost: $45 for 30ml bottle

This primer is meant to give you “flawless, photo-ready skin.” You apply it before your makeup and after your moisturizer to help preserve your skin and makeup all day long.

I have very picky skin. It’s oily in some places and very dry in other places, so I can’t use anything that will dry it out too much. However, I hate that oily spot (you know which one I mean) that appears on my forehead about half way through the day and was hoping this might help!


I was initially really surprised at the color of the formula. I am really pale and it looked like it was going to turn me orange!


Same thing here, you can see that it has a tint to it when you are rubbing it in.


But then…poof! It blended perfectly with my skin and didn’t leave any hint of color that I could see. After applying, I was able to do my makeup as usual and it went on smoothly and I didn’t notice it caking anywhere.


  • minimizes the appearance of pores
  • lasts all day
  • erases shine
  • bottle lasts a long time
  • can be applied only to problem areas
  • has antibacterial action to prevent clogged pores and infection


  • pricey
  • it can become cakey if you touch-up multiple times throughout the day

Verdict: Overall, I think this is a fantastic product. Though it is a bit of an investment, I can tell the bottle is going to last me a long time. I also don’t feel like I’m applying clay to my face which I’ve experienced with a lot of mattifying primers and lotions. If you’re looking for a mattifying primer and want something that helps reduce the size of pores, I’d give Pores No More a try!


Bulu Box Subscription Review & Coupon Code – March 2014


Bulu Box is one of the original subscriptions that sends their customers a variety of vitamins and supplements that focus on living a healthier lifestyle. They also offer a weight-loss version of their box for people who’s goals are more specifically oriented towards weight loss.

Bulu Box kindly sent me this box for review.


The Box: Bulu Box

The Cost: $10/month


Vanapain Pain Reliever Aid

I’m really interested about this product. It has a combo of Choline Salicylate and Caffeine which together are supposed to help relieve back pain, headache and mild arthritis symptoms.


K Pax Energy Supplement

Rootology Breathe Free Supplement

I’ve tried Rootology’s breathe free before and I think it’s a fantastic, all-natural, non-drowsy solution to help relieve allergy symptoms!

IMG_5577OneBode Enzyme Digestive

VirmaxT Maximum Testosterone Booster

This one made me laugh. The Testosterone Booster was included as a “bonus for him.” I don’t have a “him” so I’ll be passing this on to a friend!

Verdict: When it comes to trying new vitamins and supplements that are on the market, I really think Bulu Box is a good option. For only $10 a month, it’s very affordable and allows you to find products you may not have discovered otherwise. I’m most excited to try the Vanapain shot next time I have a headache!

If you’d like to sign up for Bulu Box, click HERE and be sure to use code BULUGAN819 for 50% off your subscription!


Urthbox Subscription Review – March 2014


UrthBox is a new food subscription box focused on delivering healthy, tasty snacks to your door each month. Urthbox helps you to discover healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands that you can find at your local supermarket or in the UrthBox Shop. You’ll get a mix of foods, drinks, snacks, personal care products that are a mixture of non-GMO, all-natural, organic and vegan.

Urthbox kindly sent me this box to review!


The Box: Urthbox

The Cost: Small Box $19/month Medium $29/month Large $49/month

I believe the size options are a new addition…Now you have more choices!


I love all of the ways to earn Credits with Urthbox. You get $5 just for sharing your box on Facebook!


 Neo Water

Value: $2.25

This water tastes great to me, no odd metallic after taste. It is an alkaline water that is meant to help balance your body’s pH.


Svelte French Vanilla Organic Shake

Value: $2.50

This is a tasty looking shake. I haven’t tried it yet but it has 16g of protein so it should keep me full for a while!


Hemp Hearts

Value: $1.25

I was really excited to see these in this box. I’ve been hearing a lot about this product recently so I’m excited to have the chance to try them myself. You can snack on these as is, or add them on to cereal or really anything! These are packed with omegas and plant based protein.


Viana Veggie Sausage

Value: $4.00

Vegan sausage? I am certainly intrigued! These are non-GMO and have 13g of protein in them, so I’ll be interested to try one as a study-snack.


Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

Value: $1.25

Snappea Crisps

Value: $1.00

I’m familiar with both of these snacks and I love them both! I made some homemade guac to go with the pico de gallo chips! They are corn free and vegan!


Licious Organics Cranberry Almond Cookie

Value: $1.00

EcoDent Mouthwash, Floss and Toothpaste sample

Value: $1.00

I had this cookie for breakfast and it was really tasty! It is unbaked and deliciously sweet and soft.


PurAbsorb Iron Packets

Value: $1.25

I’ve already ordered more of these as I need to be on a iron supplement, but find pills hard on my stomach. I tried these three days in a row and had no digestion problems! They provide 28% of your daily iron and I don’t mind the taste at all. You can drink it right out of the packet or add it to juice!


Salba Chia Boost

Value: $1.00

I typically juice in the morning, but I’m starting smoothies now that it’s almost summer. These will be perfect to toss in a green smoothie.


Sheltons Jalepeno Turkey Sausage

Value: $1.50

Kelapo Coconut Oil

Value: $.50

I ate this turkey sausage as soon as I took this picture. It was delicious and I was happy to see it was free of the typical preservatives and additives.

Verdict: I really enjoyed this box! I discovered some new products that I’ll be buying again, and received some oldies but goodies. I was also impressed by the number of products that were organic and non-gmo. It makes me feel confident that I can trust the products Urthbox sends me! I like that they have different sizes offered now so that you can pick the box that is best for you!

Would you like to sign up for UrthBox? Click HERE!


CoEd Supply College Subscription Box Review! March 2014


This is a review of CoEd Supply’s March box… The review may be late, but I’m really excited to share this company with you guys! (especially my fellow college students)

I’m constantly (literally constantly) on the hunt for subscription boxes and products that will make my life as a student a little more enjoyable. I know, I know…everyone gets out of college, starts working and then tells us students we’ve got it really good. But trying to graduate as a double major in French and Chemistry, while working two jobs, volunteering at two medical clinics and studying for the Dental Admissions test is NOT easy! At least not in my books. So again, I’m always happy to find new pick-me ups for the hard working college student.

Co-Ed Supply is a subscription box that is made specifically for students. They focus on providing you with essentials while still making boxes unique and enjoyable. I was delighted when Co-Ed Supply sent me a box for review and even more delighted when I got my box. There were so many neat things!


Unfortunately I was a dummy and forgot to scratch out my address before I took a picture of the outside of the box, so this is the first picture I have. Not that I think any of you want to send me mail or come visit my house…but you never know ;)

The Box: Co-Ed Supply

The Cost: Classic Box ($20/month) Deluxe Box ($35/month)

This is a review of the Deluxe Box.



Kikkerland Owl Laundry Bag

Value: $10.00

This is an adorable bag. And it’s not a tiny little draw-string bag, this will fit up to two loads of laundry. Perfect for that dorm-room student or for someone who doesn’t have a washer in their apartment.


Foldable Paper Desk Organizer

Value: $10.00

I love this! I actually will not be using it as a desk organizer entirely, but I made the little boxes into drawer organizers in my bathroom! This would be cute out on a table too.


Mama’s Magic Mix & Two Degree Bar in Apple Pecan

Value: $5.00 and $2.00

Two Degree bars are one of my new favorites. They fill me up and they are super moist. I don’t like when I feel like I need to drink a gallon of water to get a bar down.


UrgentRX Ache & Pain Relief To-Go

Value: $2.00

This is one of those essentials that college students should always have on hand. I’ve actually never seen this form of pain-relief and I love that these are flavored packets.


El’s Kitchen Snacks & Two Degree Bar in Chocolate Peanut

Value: $7.00 and $2.00

Another couple of snacks that are great to have on hand in between classes or during long study sessions. And the El’s snacks are gluten-free!


Secret Clinical Strength Trave-Size Deodorant

Value: $2.50

I don’t know one college student who couldn’t use another deodorant. This went immediately into my gym bag!


The Knork Set of 4

Value: $3.00

These are awesome! And they are dishwasher safe which makes me even more likely to use them :)


Energems Chocolate Charge

Value: $3.00

Salba Chia Boost

Value: $1.00

Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Value: $1.50

I’ve received a lot of these Energems lately and I actually really like them! They just taste like fat M&M’s but have a little energy packed in as well. These are great to have in your purse or backpack for emergencies.

Verdict: I loved this box! The retail value was nearly $50 and there isn’t one item I would have preferred not to receive. I think snacks are important when it comes to college boxes, but I like seeing other practical items as well. I’m most excited about the desk organizer and I’m curious what parts of the box were most exciting to other students! Did you receive this month’s Co-Ed Supply box?

If you’d like to learn more or subscribe, click HERE!

Box of Happies Subscription Review – March 2014


Box of Happies is a monthly subscription that sends you a variety of quality, handmade goods designed to make you smile! Sound good? I thought so too!

Box of Happies kindly sent me this box to review.


The Box: Box of Happies

The Cost: $28.99/month

I absolutely love that this box comes in a reusable box! I believe that they are the only subscription box that does this? This box has already become a stamp holder :)


The wrapping is so cute and I definitely found myself smiling before I even saw what was inside! I love that they included a card with suggestions on how to use your box!


First Look


Shamrock Necklace & Earrings

Value: $16.00

I realize now that my granite countertop was not the best choice for this photo! These pieces are Box of Happies exclusive and were perfect for St. Patty’s Day. (Yes I wore them both) This necklace has actually become one of my new favorites; green is my favorite color and I think this is pretty and delicate!


A closer view of the jewelry!


Homespun Northwest Natural Lavender Eye Makeup Remover

Value: $6.00

This makeup remover smells so nice and it actually works very well! It’s completely vegan, non-toxic and paraben free.


Tulips Apothecary Pucker Pots in Licorice Stick

Value: $8.00

I was so excited when I saw this pot because I love handmade, artisan lip products. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in the scent because I am not a black licorice fan. However, I’ll be gifting this to a friend who I know will enjoy it :)


Earth Cookie Creations Magnets

Value: $2.50

I was really excited to see these in the box because my fridge is desperately in need of magnets and I have been putting off buying any for months. I immediately stuck these on there and I love the way they look!

Verdict: This box had a retail value of about $33. I had so much fun looking through all of the items! Each of these small retailers were new to me which makes me happy, I love discovering new small businesses. For me, this Box of Happies was a win win, as I received some awesome products I’ll enjoy, while they are doing their part to support local businesses. This is absolutely a subscription I’d gift to a friend and Box of Happies has a large variety of different length subscriptions to choose from!

Would you like to sign up to receive your own Box of Happies? Click HERE and be sure to use code HAPPIES to save $2.00 on your first box!



Earth Day Giveaway from UBOX and The Waybu Eyewear!

The wonderful folks over at UBOX have partnered with The Waybu Eyewear to bring you this awesome Earth Day inspired giveaway!

The prize is for this 100% genuine Bamboo iPad case by Limited Luxury Cases. There will be TWO winners so make sure and enter for your chance to win! Also, there may be another giveaway for a chance to win some eyewear from The Waybu, so stay tuned for that.

image001 image002

You know the drill, just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win! The winners will be drawn on Earth Day, April 22nd!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Square Hue Subscription Review – March 2014


Square Hue is a monthly nail subscription that sends you a set of 3 custom nail colors that are curated to fit that month’s theme. Square Hue kindly sent me March’s box to review and let’s just say that I was more than thrilled when I saw what this month’s collection was…Paris!


It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been back in the U.S. for nine months; It feels like I just got back! Oh, how I miss France.

The Box: Square Hue

The Cost: $14.99/month + shipping

All of Square Hue’s polishes are made in the USA, are “5-free,” and are never tested on animals. I was excited to see what colors Square Hue chose for the Paris Collection.



Champs Elysées

This polish is beautiful! It has a very fine shimmer and is the palest of greens. I actually painted my nails with this for St. Patrick’s Day! I didn’t want bright green, but this polish kept me from getting pinched ;)



Notre Dame

Named after one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris (in my opinion), this polish is a rich, creamy texture and color. I haven’t used this one yet but I plan on using it maybe alone on 4 fingers and underneath a sparkly top coat on one finger.



Arc de Triomphe

Just typing this review makes me wish I was gazing at L’Arc de Triomphe! This polish is definitely classic Paris, and has a fine shimmer to it. It reminds me of French macaroons and pastries. I think I’ll be trying this on my toes next!


This collection is so cohesive! All of these polishes are beautiful on their own but they could definitely be used with the same mani to create something special.


Verdict: I love this month’s collection! And not just because it is Paris themed. These polishes are fantastique! I first have to say how much I love the bottle design of Square Hue’s polishes. I don’t feel like it’s going to tip over when I’m painting my nails and they fit really nicely together in my polish drawer. I think Square Hue does a great job coordinating their collections, I can tell a lot of thought went into curating this month’s theme. And let’s face it, $14.99 for three, high-quality nail polishes is a great deal!

If you’d like to sign up for Square Hue, click HERE. I noticed that there is also currently an offer for 50% off your first collection if you sign up to receive their newsletter!


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